Diseño, desarrollo,concepción y distribución de las siguientes areas: Novia, Alta costura, Infantil,prèt-â-porter.

Captación: Percepción,absorción,organización,asumir riesgos,creativo,imaginativa,curiosa y PUNTUAL.

FREELANCE For companys:

Why Freelance and Inma Saurina

The experience and authenticity of a qualified designer with an endless potential,to develop a unique

creative platform by generating a wide range of exclusive objects meant for an international elite of good


– Perception capacity

– Absorption capacity

– Organization capacity

– Ability to take risks

-Creative, imaginative,curious, sensitive and Punctual.


Design, development, conception and distribution in the following areas: pret-a-porter, Haute Couture,

wedding dresses, bride fashion accesories such as jewellery and handbags , purses and headwear, and

children’s fashion.

Almost automatic acquisition is the strength and weakness of the brand. Reorient the brand towards the

intended goal,promoting those strenghts. Dealing with many different companies during the years brings a

lot of agility to the new project.

Global vision of the market and accumulated ideas and experiences are of great help when it comes to the

implementation and improvement of the project.

Contribution of freshness and innovation to the products. Because of not being “Tainted” with the day to day

routine of the company, work is focused on the needs of the brand.

A feature to highlight: quick response. Optimizing work with the objective of delivering on time and with a

high level of excellence to ensure continuity in the project.

The young spanish fashion designer Inma Saurina,launched her brand for the first time in 2004,and

celebrates her long journey full of great projects and jobs that challenged her during the years.

Influenced by art and fashion,she began her career in Paris,creating her first collection in 2003 ans

visiting the best ateliers of the city such as LESAGE. Her apprenticeship at the Superior Technical

Fashion School in Paris-Fashion ESMOD,one of the most recognized in the world,have enriched her

professional career and made her dedicate to Fashion. Participating in fairs,preparing

exhibitions,organizing fashion shows,experimenting with each of them. All of these made her a great

reference in the field of design mainly because of her professionalism.

Design projects for large companies:

-She always adapts to the needs of the client,and to the newest Design trends with meticulous

studies and analysis.


dares with everything. DESIGN,PERFECT CUT,MOULAGE. Rigorous treatment of fabrics and

their qualities.

-Study of trends,colours,subjects

-Technical designs-Technical sheets.

– Designs os artistic figurines,pastel,silhouettes.

-Designs in Photoshop, Illustrator and corel Draw

-Travelling to main fairs and exhibitions.